Welcome to Mutter

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Welcome to Mutter


Whatever you are looking for a scaffold engine which lightweight but easy-to-use, or looking for a blogging platform which is hackable, or just wanna check it out what this project is, welcome to Mutter :D

Mutter is a lightweight scaffold for blogging and creating web pages. It's free and open source, and it works on any hosts which provides a PHP enviroment1 like LAMP, WAMP, LNMP, etc.

When using Mutter, you'll got Markdown2 support out-of-the-box.

Getting Start

Mutter is designed to be portable and hackable. We highly recommend you dig into the source code if you really want to use it. If you are interested, follow these steps:

  1. Open index.php with your favorite code editor
  2. Read the code with comments
  3. Follow up the comments, edit code, save, run in the browser. simple as that way.

Source of Mutter doesn't contains a bunch of complex logic, so take it easy and just read and modify it to fit your use case.

Blogging Support

For user who wanna use Mutter just for blogging, what you should do is get ready for your PHP enviroment (the mbstring and DOM extensions are required), and then just upload the source file and it's done.

All your blog post should put in data/post folder, and single page should put in data/singlepage. In Markdown format. To hacking into this part, checkout index.php and you can see things about Routing, PageGenerator and StaticPageGenerator. BTW, we got not only out-of-the-box markdown support, but also with Front-Matter support! So if you are come from Hexo3, you can just feel free to put your posts into the data/post folder without doing anything special.

For create theme or modify theme, take a look at data/static and you can find the css files and page templete files. There are also a iconfont.css provided for use icon fonts. To make your own iconfont pack, checkout Iconfont website by Alibaba.

Simple Website Creating Support

Since the goal of Mutter is a lightweight scaffold website creating engine, it will always make the source tiny and easy to understand.

The code base use a MVC-like structure, the router Routing manage the url parsing and routing, and the module Infra manage the page's data source and prepare for render, finally it use TemplateEngine to render the page. There are some built-in Infras are ready to use for blogging purpose and example purpose. The TemplateEngine also support sub-infra so you can also use an Infra as a page component like footer and heading-navigator.

To checkout how it works, just dig into the source code, and happy hacking :D

The End

If you got any problem, reach Mutter on GitHub and feel free to open an issue.

Anyway, thank you for trying Mutter. Have a nice day~

  1. Although I haven't test on other enviroments, it will always works under PHP 5.4+ . 

  2. Actually Mutter is using Parsedown Extra which is an extension of Parsedown that adds support for Markdown Extra

  3. The front-matter support is depends on the module/Infra implement. And we only support YAML format front-matter. To hacking into this part, checkout tryYAMLFrontMatter() in core/Utils.Function.php for front-matter parsing and Infra/PageGenerator.class.php (and the StaticPageGenerator one) for how we use the parsed front-matter.